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TyCarb Focus 01.16

TyCarb High Feed Milling Program
A Comprehensive offering of Tooling
Designed for High Feed Machining

TyCarb Focus 9.13

New additions to the TyCarb milling program offering you economical solutions for higher productivity and longer tool life!

Introducing the New TyCarb program of High Performance End Mills

- GP High Performance End Mills

- Orion End Mills for Aluminum

- 4 Flute Roughing and Finishing End Mills

- High Feed End Mills

- Specials

Turn your MILL into a LATHE!

Tyson Tool offers D'Andrea

Programmable CNC Heads for boring, facing & Turning

as featured in April's edition of MP&P Magazine

"TFC" The Next Generation of Diamond Cutting Tools

Tyson Tool offers Becker

• First Choice for Composites

• Extreme Hardness

• Dramatically Improved Tool Life

• Superior Surface Finish

• Reduced Cutting Pressure

• Harder, more wear resistant - 2 to 10x life of PCD
• Pure diamond (no binder) - no edge erosion or chemical interaction
• Highest thermal conductivity - lowest cutting temperatures
• Sharpest cutting edge - reduced cutting forces, smoother more consistent finish...more info


BECKER CBN Sandwich Inserts

With technology advancing continuously in ultrahard cutting materials, the new “SANDWICH” CBN is now available. This new design allows multiple corners or double full face negative inserts with a very strong high temperature vacuum braze. With this advancement in technology, it provides higher insert integrity and lower cost per corner.

The “SANDWICH” CBN inserts are offered in the largest selection of stocked edge preps on the market. This range of 8 different edge preps will allow complete optimization to fully suit your application needs.

In with the NEW ... & Out with the OLD 

Tyson Tool offers Widia

The advanced grades and insert geometries enables aggressive cutting parameters without loss of set-up integrity due to an enhanced and optimized design.

• Improved chip evacuation and metal removal rates
• Enhanced self-centering capabilities
• Higher stability and rigidity due to using the highest quality material and a new post manufacturing treatment
• Up to four effective cutting edges per insert (XOMT)
• Insert geometries optimized for different materials
• Inch diameter range now from 7/16" - 2Ό"
• Metric diameter range now 11mm to 60mm