Tyson Tool Company Limited
MaxiCool is a line of face mills and coolant through shell mill arbors to give through spindle coolant to the insert.

• Maximize cutting parameters!

• Maximize insert life!

• Maximize profits!

• Minimize thermal shock!

• Minimize possible re-cutting of chips!

• Superior surface finishes!    

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Why MaxiCool™?  Temperatures generated in the “cutting zone” (the area between the workpiece and the cutter) can be extremely high. These high temperatures typically cause rapid breakdown of the insert edge.

If coolant is applied as “flood” or “stream” thermal shock can occur as the insert heats and cools rapidly, reducing the life of the insert.

By applying MaxiCool™, coolant is delivered directly to the insert edge, thereby minimizing thermal shock and prolonging insert life. Tyson Tool has developed a line of coolant through shell mill arbors and milling cutters to put an end to this fire burning into your profits. MaxiCool™ offers through the spindle coolant delivery, right to the insert edge, or “cutting zone”.

• coolant through shell mill arbors in BT40, CV40 and CV50 tapers.
• milling cutters with large coolant holes, directed at insert edge to provide generous coolant pressure and volume, “in the cutting zone”
• 10 MaxiCool™ enabled milling cutter styles to cover all application needs

effectively cools insert giving:
• increased tool life
• increased cutting parameters
• minimized risk of re-cutting chips
• minimized risk of thermal shock
• superior surface finish